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مقالات آزمایشگاه تعامل انسان و ربات

No. of Papers: 250

  1. Singularity conditions of 3T1R parallel manipulators with identical limb structures
  2. Parallel mechanisms of the multipteron family: kinematic architectures and benchmarking
  3. Singularity analysis of 3T2R parallel mechanisms using Grassmann–Cayley algebra and Grassmann geometry
  4. Forward kinematic problem of 5-RPUR parallel mechanisms (3T2R) with identical limb structures
  5. Optimization of Stirling engine design parameters using neural networks
  6. An experimental study on the vision-based control and identification of planar cable-driven parallel robots
  7. Determination of the maximal singularity-free workspace of 3-DOF parallel mechanisms with a constructive geometric approach
  8. Kinematic analysis of 5-RP UR (3T2R) parallel mechanisms
  9. Geometric analysis of the kinematic sensitivity of planar parallel mechanisms
  10. Dynamic analysis of Hexarot: axis-symmetric parallel manipulator
  11. On the optimum design of 3-RPR parallel mechanisms
  12. On the maximal singularity-free ellipse of planar 3-RPR parallel mechanisms via convex optimization
  13. An experimental study on the PID and Fuzzy-PID controllers on a designed two-wheeled self-balancing autonomous robot
  14. Multi‐objective Scale Independent Optimization of 3‐RPR Parallel Mechanisms
  15. Determination of Singularity-Free Zones in the Workspace of Planar 3-P ̱ RR Parallel Mechanisms
  16. Trajectory tracking control of a pneumatically actuated 6-DOF Gough–Stewart parallel robot using Backstepping-Sliding Mode controller and geometry-based quasi forward kinematic …
  17. Workspace analysis of 5-PRUR parallel mechanisms (3T2R)
  18. Dynamic modeling and base inertial parameters determination of a 2-DOF spherical parallel mechanism
  19. A general approach on collision-free workspace determination via triangle-to-triangle intersection test
  20. Collision-free workspace of parallel mechanisms based on an interval analysis approach
  21. Determining the maximal singularity-free circle or sphere of parallel mechanisms using interval analysis
  22. Singularity analysis of 5-RP UR parallel mechanisms (3T2R)
  23. Singularity-free workspace analysis of general 6-UPS parallel mechanisms via convex optimization
  24. Forward Kinematic Problem of 5-PRUR Parallel Mechanisms Using Study Parameters
  25. Avoiding the singularities of 3-RPR parallel mechanisms via dimensional synthesis and self-reconfigurability
  26. Experimental study on the kinematic control of a cable suspended parallel robot for object tracking purpose
  27. An experimental study on the direct & indirect dynamic identification of an over-constrained 3-DOF decoupled parallel mechanism
  28. Dynamic identification of the novint falcon haptic device
  29. Controller tuning based on optimization algorithms of a novel spherical rolling robot
  30. A simple and fast geometric kinematic solution for imitation of human arms by a NAO humanoid robot
  31. A geometric constructive approach for the workspace analysis of symmetrical 5-PRUR parallel mechanisms (3T2R)
  32. Kinematic analysis of Five-DOF (3T2R) parallel mechanisms with identical limb structures
  33. Experimental dynamic identification and model feed-forward control of Novint Falcon haptic device
  34. Experimental study on the model-based control of a 2-degree-of-freedom spherical parallel robot camera stabilizer based on multi-thread programming concept
  35. Optimal design of a spherical parallel manipulator based on kinetostatic performance using evolutionary techniques
  36. Natural convection in semi-ellipse cavities with variable aspect ratios using lattice Boltzmann method
  37. Advances in robot kinematics: motion in man and machine
  38. Singularity Analysis of 5-RPRRR Parallel Mechanisms via Grassmann Line Geometry
  39. Kinematic Analysis and Singularity Representation of 5-RPRRR Parallel Mechanisms
  40. Oscillation damping of nonlinear control systems based on the phase trajectory length concept: An experimental case study on a cable-driven parallel robot
  41. A new development of homotopy continuation method, applied in solving nonlinear kinematic system of equations of parallel mechanisms
  42. Kinematic sensitivity and workspace optimization of planar parallel mechanisms using evolutionary techniques
  43. A General Methodology for the Forward Kinematic Problem of Symmetrical Parallel Mechanisms and Application to 5-PRUR Parallel Mechanisms (3T2R)
  44. Kinematics and dynamics analysis of a 2-dof spherical parallel robot
  45. An experimental study on friction identification of a pneumatic actuator and dynamic modeling of a proportional valve
  46. Ball tracking with a 2-DOF spherical parallel robot based on visual servoing controllers
  48. Experimental kinematic identification and position control of a 3-DOF decoupled parallel robot
  49. On human–robot interaction of a 3-DOF decoupled parallel mechanism based on the design and construction of a novel and low-cost 3-DOF force sensor
  50. Control of a pneumatically actuated 6-DOF Gough-Stewart platform
  51. Forward kinematic problem of three 4-DOF parallel mechanisms (4-PRUR1, 4-PRUR2 and 4-PUU) with identical limb structures performing 3T1R motion pattern
  52. Feasible kinematic sensitivity in cable robots based on interval analysis
  53. Forward kinematic problem of two 4-RRUR with different geometric structures and one 4-RUU parallel robots
  54. An experimental dynamic identification & control of an overconstrained 3-DOF parallel mechanism in presence of variable friction and feedback delay
  55. Computed torque control of a cable suspended parallel robot
  56. On the determination of the maximal inscribed ellipsoid in the Wrench-Feasible Workspace of the cable-driven parallel robots
  57. Kinematic performance indices analyzed on four planar cable robots via interval analysis
  58. Kinematic and dynamic modeling and base inertial parameters determination of the quadrupteron parallel manipulator
  59. Gröbner basis and resultant method for the forward displacement of 3-DoF planar parallel manipulators in seven-dimensional kinematic space
  60. Design of an adaptive sliding mode controller for a novel spherical rolling robot
  61. Design, analysis and construction of a novel flexible rover robot
  62. Push recovery for NAO humanoid robot
  63. Interval-analysis-based determination of the singularity-free workspace of Gough-Stewart parallel robots
  64. Singularity analysis of 5-DOF parallel mechanisms 3T2R using Grassmann-Cayley algebra
  65. Singularity Analysis of the 4-RUU Parallel Manipulator Based on Grassmann-Cayley Algebra and Grassmann Geometry
  66. An optimal motion planning and obstacle avoidance algorithm based on the finite time velocity obstacle approach
  67. Experimental study on optimal motion planning of wheeled mobile robot using convex optimization and receding horizon concept
  68. Optimal design and fabrication of a 4-DOF quattrotaar parallel robot with singularity-free workspace by ABC and PSO algorithms
  69. On the control of planar cable-driven parallel robot via classic controllers and tuning with intelligent algorithms
  70. Optimization of the kinematic sensitivity and the greatest continuous circle in the constant-orientation workspace of planar parallel mechanisms
  71. Design, development, dynamic analysis and control of a 2-DOF spherical parallel mechanism
  72. Solving the forward kinematic problem of 4-DOF parallel mechanisms (3T1R) with identical limb structures and revolute actuators using the linear implicitization algorithm
  73. Minimal force jump within human and assistive robot cooperation
  74. Position control of a 6-DoF pneumatic gough-stewart parallel robot using backstepping-sliding mode controller
  75. Experimental study on the visual servoing of a 4-DOF parallel robot for pick-and-place purpose
  76. An experimental study on the development, kinematics and control of a 4-DOF delta parallel manipulator
  77. Weighted kinematic sensitivity of a 4-dof robot
  78. Practical performance comparison of pole placement and sliding mode controller for position control of cable-driven parallel robots using visual servoing
  79. Design, construction & calibration of a novel Human-Robot Interaction 3-DOF force sensor
  80. Static Balancing of Three Parallel Planar 3-DOF Mechanisms and Static Balancing of Variable Weights.
  81. Path tracking and obstacle avoidance of a FPGA-based mobile robot (MRTQ) via fuzzy algorithm
  82. ShrewdShoe, a smart pressure sensitive wearable platform
  83. Stabilization of a two-dof spherical parallel robot via a novel adaptive approach
  84. Design and Control of a Suspended Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Four Cables
  85. Dynamic balance of a NAO H25 Humanoid robot based on model predictive control
  86. Optimal motion planning of redundant planar serial robots using a synergy-based approach of convex optimization, disjunctive programming and receding horizon
  87. Path planning of 3-RRR planar parallel robot by avoiding mechanical interferences via artificial potential field
  88. Static analysis of a 3-RRS and a 3-RSR Spherical Parallel Robots
  89. Dynamic analysis of an n-revolute planar serial manipulator and sensitivity analysis based on Sobol's method
  90. An experimental study on open-loop position and speed control of a 3-RRR planar parallel mechanism
  91. A Geometric Constructive Approach for the Workspace Analysis of Symmetrical 5-PRUR Parallel Mechanisms (3T2R)
  92. Tripteron, Quadrupteron, and Pentapteron: Kinematic Analysis and Benchmarking of a Family of Parallel Mechanisms
  93. An experimental oscillation damping impedance control for the novint falcon haptic device based on the phase trajectory length function concept
  94. Collision-free workspace and kinetostatic performances of a 4-DOF delta parallel robot
  95. Design & Characterization of a Bio-Inspired 3-DOF Tactile/Force Sensor for Human-Robot Interaction Purposes
  96. The collision-free workspace of the tripteron parallel robot based on a geometrical approach
  97. Control of a four-mecanum wheeled robot with a soft-robotic glove
  98. An experimental study on vision based controlling of a spherical rolling robot
  99. An experimental study on control of a pneumatic 6-dof gough-stewart robot using backstepping-sliding mode and geometry-based quasi-forward kinematic method
  100. Kinematic sensitivity evaluation of revolute and prismatic 3-DOF delta robots
  101. Control of a two degree-of-freedom parallel robot as a stabilization platform
  102. Dynamic modeling and sensitivity analysis of an n-linkage planar serial robot to design parameters based on Sobol and EFAST methods
  103. A robust adaptive linear control for a ball handling mechanism
  104. Dynamic modeling and computed torque control of a 3-DOF spherical parallel manipulator
  105. Collision-free workspace of 3-RPR planar parallel mechanism via interval analysis
  106. On the approximated and maximal singularity-free workspace of 6-UPS parallel mechanisms using convex optimization
  107. On the inverse dynamic problem of a 3-PRRR parallel manipulator, the tripteron
  108. Design & characterization of a bio-inspired 3-dof tactile/force sensor and implementation on a 3-dof decoupled parallel mechanism for human-robot interaction purposes
  109. Experimental study on shared-control of a mobile robot via a haptic device with an optimal velocity obstacle based receding horizon control approach
  110. Design a 3-DOF Delta Parallel Robot by One Degree Redundancy along the Conveyor Axis, A Novel Automation Approach
  111. Kinematic and dynamic analyses of tripteron, an over-constrained 3-dof translational parallel manipulator, through newton-euler approach
  112. Design And Simulation Non-Singular Backstepping Terminal Sliding Mode Control And Extended Kalman Filter For Quadrotor
  113. Vision based control and simulation of a spherical rolling robot based on ROS and Gazebo
  114. Kinetostatic Performance and Collision-free Workspace Analysis of a 3-DOF Delta Parallel Robot
  115. Dimensional synthesis of a four-bar linkage mechanism via a pso-based cooperative neural network approach
  116. Optimal motion planning for parallel robots via convex optimization and receding horizon
  117. Kinematic sensitivity analysis of parallel mechanisms by considering the effect of uncertainties in passive joints
  118. Path planning of 3-RRR parallel robot by avoiding mechanical interferences via Artificial Potential Field
  119. An experimental study on the failure tolerant control of a redundant planar serial manipulator via pseudo-inverse approach
  120. The effect of couple-stresses on the elastodynamic field of a diffracted wave by an embedded nano-cavity in an infinite medium.
  121. Inverse dynamic problem of two parallel manipulators with identical limbs structures
  122. Forward Kinematic Investigation of Three 4-DOF Parallel Robots with Prismatic Actuators Performing 3T1R Motion Pattern in Seven-dimensional Kinematic Space
  123. Design and kinematic analysis of a 4-DOF serial-parallel manipulator for urban bus driving simulator
  124. On the maximal singularity-free workspace of parallel mechanisms via interval analysis
  125. Dimensional synthesis of planar cable-driven parallel robots via interval analysis
  126. Forward kinematics of the symmetric 5-DOF parallel mechanisms (3R2T) using the linear implicitization algorithm
  127. Forward kinematic problem and constant orientation workspace of 5-RP̲RRR (3T2R) parallel mechanisms
  128. A complete analytical solution for the dimensional synthesis of 3-DOF delta parallel robot for a prescribed workspace
  129. Kinematics and control of a 4-dof delta parallel manipulator
  130. Push Recovery Methods Based on Admittance Control Strategies for a NAO-H25 Humanoid
  131. A new neural gas network approach for obtaining the singularity-free workspace of 3-DOF planar parallel manipulators
  132. Simulation, control and construction of a four Mecanum-wheeled robot
  133. An Experimental Study on Controlling and Obstacle Avoidance of a Four Mecanum Wheeled Robot
  134. Accuracy Comparison of Spherical Parallel Manipulators Based on Joint Clearance
  135. Collision-free path planning of a novel reconfigurable mobile parallel mechanism
  136. The Mechanical interference-free workspace of the planar parallel robots using geometric approach
  137. Experimental kinematic identification of a 3-DOF decoupled parallel robot using calibrated kinect sensor
  138. Path planning of cable driven parallel robots in the presence of dynamic obstacles via potential field using computed torque control method
  139. Kinematic sensitivity analysis of a 3-DoF decoupled translational parallel mechanism with uncertainties in the passive joints
  140. Two Spherical Three Degrees of Freedom Parallel Robots 3-RCC and 3-RRS Static Analysis
  141. Workspace determination of planar parallel robots via progressive growing neural gas network
  142. Real-time safe navigation in crowded dynamic environments using Generalized Velocity Obstacles
  143. Obtaining the Maximal Singularity-Free Workspace of 6-UPS Parallel Mechanisms via Convex Optimization
  144. Experimental study on robust adaptive control with insufficient excitation of a 3-DOF spherical parallel robot for stabilization purposes
  145. Indoor and Outdoor Face Recognition for Social Robot, Sanbot Robot as Case Study
  146. Kinematic Analysis of an Under-constrained Cable-driven Robot Using Neural Networks
  147. Design and development of ShrewdShoe, a smart pressure sensitive wearable platform
  148. Generating Synthetic Medical Images by Using GAN to Improve CNN Performance in Skin Cancer Classification
  149. Localization of an indoor mobile robot using decentralized data fusion
  150. Forward kinematic analysis of parallel mechanisms in seven-dimensional kinematic space by considering limitation of passive joints motion
  151. An Exprimental Modelling and Identification of Feed Drive Dynamics with Considering Variable Friction
  152. Dynamic analysis of a planar parallel robot with the purpose of obtaining optimal inertial parameters for energy consumption
  153. An experimental study on a learning-based approach for the push recovery of NAO humanoid robot
  154. Balance Strategy for Human Imitation by a NAO Humanoid Robot
  155. Dynamic Modeling and Base Inertial Parameters Determination of 3-DoF Planar Parallel Manipulator
  156. Singularity configurations analysis of a 4-DOF parallel mechanisms using Grassmann-Cayley Algebra
  157. An Experimental Study on Blinking and Eye Movement Detection via EEG Signals for Human-Robot Interaction Purposes Based on a Spherical 2-DOF Parallel Robot
  158. Collision-free path planning of a novel reconfigurable mobile parallel mechanism
  159. Design and Kinematic Analysis of a 4-DOF Serial-Parallel Manipulator for a Driving Simulator
  160. FPGA design and implementation for real time vision applications on NTACO mobile robot
  161. Dynamic balancing of two planar parallel 3-DOF mechanisms without counter-rotations
  162. TL-OSR, a low cost mobile robot with open-source technology based on sensor fusion
  163. The Dimensional Synthesis of 3-RPR Parallel Mechanisms for a Prescribed Singularity-Free Constant-Orientation Workspace
  164. Determination of Maximal Singularity-Free Workspace of Parallel Mechanisms Using Constructive Geometric Approach
  165. Dynamic-Thermodynamic Mathematical Model of Stirling Engine to Improve Efficiency and Power
  166. Kinematic analysis of 5-DOF parallel mechanisms (3T2R) with prismatic actuators based on identical limbs
  167. Kinematic and dynamic analysis of 3-dof delta parallel robot based on the screw theory and principle of virtual work
  168. Control of a two-DOF parallel robot with unknown parameters using a novel robust adaptive approach
  169. Modeling, identification and minimum length integral sliding mode control of a 3-DOF cartesian parallel robot by considering virtual flexible links
  170. Dynamic modeling, identification, and a comparative experimental study on position control of a pneumatic actuator based on Soft Switching and Backstepping–Sliding Mode controllers
  171. Reconstructing 3-D Graphical Model Using an Under-Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
  172. Improving the Successful Robotic Grasp Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
  173. Optimal wrench-closure configuration of spatial reconfigurable cable-driven parallel robots
  174. Dynamic and static object detection and tracking in an autonomous surface vehicle
  175. An Experimental Study on the Design & Construction of a Torque Measurement Unit with Tactile Sensors
  176. Design and Evaluation of Adaptive and Sliding Mode Control for a 3-DOF Delta Parallel Robot
  177. Design and Fabrication of a Flexible Pressure-Sensitive Insole Based on Barometric Tactile Sensors
  178. Control a Drone Using Hand Movement in ROS Based on Single Shot Detector Approach
  179. Detecting And Tracking Objects In An Autonomous Surface Vehicle Using Stereo Vision
  180. تشخیص و ردیابی اشیا در قایق ربات خودران با استفاده از بینایی استریو‎
  181. Design and Prototyping of One Degree-of-Freedom Rehabilitation Robotic Arm with Variable Weights
  182. Data-Driven Identification of the Jacobian Matrix of a 2-DoF Spherical Parallel Manipulator
  183. Design and Fabrication of a Low Cost Optical Tactile Sensor
  184. Design and Development of a Pressure-Sensitive Shoe Platform for Nao H25
  185. Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Stiffness of a Linear Decoupled 3 Degree of Freedom Parallel Robot
  186. مدل‌سازی و ارزیابی عملی سختی ربات موازی با سه‌درجه آزادی مستقل خطی‎
  187. Determination of Optimal Wrench-closure Configuration of Reconfigurable Cable-driven Parallel Robots to Move on a Given Trajectory
  188. مقایسه عملکرد کینتواستاتیکی مکانیزم‌های موازی کروی مستخرج از سنتز نوعی با مدل‌سازی لقی در مفاصل غیر فعال‎
  189. Mechanical Improvement, Simulation, and Implementation of a Visual Servoing Position Controller of a 4-DOF Delta Parallel Robot
  190. Design, Development and Control of a Three Flexible-Fingers Gripper Based On Hand Gesture
  191. A statistical weighted method for kinematic sensitivity analysis of parallel robots
  192. طراحی و شبیه سازی کنترل‌کننده مود لغزشی ترمینالی پسگام غیرتکین و فیلتر کالمن توسعه‌یافته برای کوادروتور‎
  193. Motion planning of mobile robots in the unknown circumstances based on the receding horizon control and velocity obstacle concepts
  194. مسیریابی ربات بستر پویا در محیط ناشناخته بر مبنای مفاهیم کنترل‌کننده‌ی افق پیش‌بین و مخروط تصادم سرعت‎
  195. کنترل موقعیت ربات موازی نیوماتیکی 6 درجه آزادی گاف-استوارت به کمک کنترل‌کننده‌ی پسگام مدلغزشی‎
  196. حل مساله سینماتیک مستقیم ربات‌های کابلی نامقید به منظور استفاده هم‌زمان در الگوریتم‌های کنترلی‎
  197. A robust proportion-preserving composite objective function for scale-invariant multi-objective optimization
  198. Imitation of Human Motion by a NAO Humanoid Robot Using an Analytical Method and Considering Balance of the Robot
  199. تقلید حرکات انسان توسط ربات انسان نمای نائو با استفاده از یک روش تحلیلی و در نظر گرفتن تعادل ربات‎
  200. فضای کاری عاری از تداخل مکانیکی ربات‌های موازی صفحه‌ای با استفاده از روش هندسی‎
  201. Experimental identification of friction and dynamics of an overconstrained 3-DOF decoupled parallel mechanism
  202. طراحی و ساخت ربات موازی چهار شاخه با فضای کاری عاری از تکینگی با استفاده از الگوریتم زنبورعسل با هوش ازدحامی‎
  203. مدل‌سازی و سنجش حساسیت دینامیکی ربات‌های صفحه‌ای سری لولایی نسبت به پارامترهای طراحی بر مبنای روش‌های سوبل و ای‌فست‎
  204. Object Orientation Detection Based on Machine Vision and Artificial Neural Network
  205. جهت یابی زاویه ای جسم با استفاده از بینایی ماشین و شبکه عصبی مصنوعی بصورت بلادرنگ‎
  206. Design and Development of a Mobile Robot for Implementing Obstacle Avoidance Techniques Based on Fuzzy Logic and Vision
  207. مسیریابی ربات های موازی چهار کابلی صفحه‎ ای با حضور موانع دینامیکی به روش میدان پتانسیل و کنترل مبتنی بر گشتاور محاسبه شده‎
  208. طراحی و ساخت یک ربات بسترپویا برای پیاده‌سازی تکنیک عدم برخورد با موانع بر اساس سیستم فازی و بینایی ماشین‎
  209. مقایسه بازده عملی کنترلرهای جانمایی‎ قطب و مودلغزشی برای کنترل موقعیت ربات‌ موازی کابلی صفحه‌ای با پردازش تصویر‎
  210. مسیریابی ربات موازی صفحه ای 3-RRR برای جلوگیری از تداخل های مکانیکی به کمک روش میدان پتانسیل مجازی‎
  211. مقایسه بازده عملی کنترلرهای جانمایی‎ قطب و مودلغزشی برای کنترل موقعیت ربات‌ موازی کابلی صفحه‌ای با پردازش تصویر‎
  212. ﺗﺤﻠﯿﻞ ﺣﺴﺎﺳﯿﺖ ﺳﯿﻨﻤﺎﺗﯿﮑﯽ ﻣﮑﺎﻧﯿﺰمﻫﺎی ﻣﻮازی ﺑﺎ در ﻧﻈﺮ ﮔﺮﻓﺘﻦ ﺗﺄﺛﯿﺮ ﻋﺪم ﻗﻄﻌﯿﺖ ﻣﻮﺟﻮد‬‫ در ﻣﻔﺎﺻﻞ ﻏﯿﺮﻓﻌﺎل‬‎
  213. Optimal design of a spherical parallel manipulator based on kinetostatic performance using evolutionary techniques
  214. مسیریابی بهینه ربات موازی تریپترون با سه درجه آزادی مستقل خطی با استفاده از بهینه‌سازی محدب و مفهوم افق پیش بین‎
  215. Optimal motion planning of a 3-dof decoupled parallel robot using convex optimization and receding horizon concept.
  216. تحلیل و شبیه‌سازی دینامیکی معکوس دو مکانیزم موازی با ساختار سینماتیکی یکسان در شاخه‌ها و قید‌های افزونه‎
  217. متعادل سازی ایستایی سه مکانیزم صفحه ای موازی سه درجه آزادی 3-RRR, 3-PRR, 3-RPR و متعادل سازی ایستایی با وزن متغیر‎
  218. به‌ کارگیری الگوریتم‌های تکاملی در طراحی بهینه‌ی چندهدفه‌ ی ربات‌های موازی کابلی صفحه‌ای‎
  219. بررسی سینماتیک مستقیم سه ربات موازی چهار درجه آزادی با مفاصل فعال کشویی و الگوی حرکتی 3T1R در فضای سینماتیک هفت بعدی‎
  220. طراحی بهینه‌ی چندهدفه‌ی ربات کابلی 6-درجه آزادی با استفاده از معیارهای سینماتیکی‎
  221. Kinematics of a spherical parallel mechanism with identical limb structures using the linear implicitization algorithm and Euclidean Geometry
  222. سینماتیک مستقیم دو ربات موازی 4RRUR با دو ساختار هندسی متفاوت و یک ربات 4RUU‎
  225. ارائه الگوی ریاضی دینامیکی-ترمودینامیکی موتور استرلینگ جهت بهبود بازده و توان تولیدی‎
  226. Kinematic Mapping and Forward Kinematic Problem of a 5-DOF (3T2R) Parallel Mechanism with Identical Limb Structures
  227. سنتز و تحلیل یک گروه جدید از مکانیزم‌های موازی ۴ درجه آزادی با استفاده از نظریه‌ی تبدیلات خطی و نظریه‌ی پیچه‎
  228. بزرگ‌ترین دایره‌ی عاری از تکینگی در فضای کاری ربات‌های موازی صفحه‌یی، با استفاده‌از تحلیل بازه‌یی و جابه‌جایی مرزها‎
  229. تابر یکیناکم لخاذت زا یراع یراک یاضف یزاوم یاه هحفص شور زا هدافتسا اب یا یسذنه‎
  230. Solving the Forward Kinematic Problem of Under-Constrained Cable Driven Robots for Online Control Purposes
  231. Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Robots via Potential Field Based Fuzzy Controlling
  232. ʇ| ÀÆ»® Ì¿ Z»
  233. Dynamics Formulation of a Three-Degree of Freedom Parallel Manipulator
  234. لرتنک میهافم یانبمرب هتخانشان طیحم رد ایوپ رتسب تابر یبایریسم هدننک قفا ی شیپ نیب و‎
  235. طراحی مفهومی و ساخت بالگرد بدون سرنشین‎
  236. یسدنهم کم کینا سردم‎
  237. Ê| ÀÆ»® Ì¿ Z»
  239. Kinetostatic Performance Comparison of Spherical Parallel Mechanisms Extracted from Type Synthesis with Modeling Clearance in Passive Joints
  240. Ê| ÀÆ»® Ì¿ Z»
  242. Collision-Free Workspace of Planar Parallel Mechanisms via Interval Analysis
  243. Control of Quad-rotor in Cooperation with an Attached 3-DOF Manipulator
  244. NO. Title A
  245. Mohammad Reza Zakerzadeh, seyyed Saman Madani, Mohsen Bayat, Mohammadreza Hairi Mohammadrasoul Kankashvar, Seyed Kamaleddin Mousavi Mashhadi
  246. Implementation and Evaluation of Object Identification Techniques on Nao Robot Platform
  247. First Project: Kinematic and Static Analysis of a Humanoid Robot, NAO H25
  248. The Maximal Singularity-free Circle of 3-RPR Planar Parallel Mechanisms Using Interval Analysis and Geometric Constructive Approach
  249. Minimal-degree Polynomial Representation of the Singularity Loci of 3-DOF Planar Parallel Mechanisms
  250. تحليل حساسيت سينماتيكي مكانيزم هاي موازي با در نظر گرفتن تاثير عدم قطعيت موجود در مفاصل غيرفعال‎