About me

In 2013, I graduated from Hamedan University of Technology (Iran) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Robotics Engineering. Following my first degree, I admitted into a Master of Science position in Mechatronics Engineering at Azad University of Qazvin with a fund from Mechatronics Research Laboratory (MRL) as a member of the MRL Humanoid team. Before starting my M.Sc. studies, I had joined a well-known Human and Robot Interaction Laboratory (HRI Lab. – known as TaarLab for its Persian abbreviation) as a research assistant. These experiences not only provided me the opportunity to participate in different projects but also developed my capacity to interact and work as a team member with other engineering students from different fields. Regarding my great interest in human and robot interaction projects, I focused my research on Imitation of human whole-body motions by a NAO humanoid robot, as my M.Sc. thesis.