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Pourya Shahverdi

Pourya Shahverdi received his B.Sc. in Robotics Engineering from Hamedan University of Technology (HUT), Hamedan, Iran, in 2013. His final bachelor project was a survey of dynamic balance and push recovery methods in humanoid robots under supervision of Dr. Behnam Miripour Fard. Beside his research, he was also the Co-Founder of Association of Robotics Engineering Students at Hamedan University of Technology.

Currently, Pourya is an M.Sc. student in Mechatronics Engineering at Azad University of Qazvin, Iran. As his master thesis, he has focused on the imitation of human whole-body motions by a NAO humanoid robot considering improvement in balance and rate of imitation, under supervision of Dr. Tale Masouleh and Dr. Miripour. It should be mentioned that this project is funded by Iranian Cognitive Science and Technologies Council.

Pourya is a member of TaarLab Human and Robot Interaction Laboratory (TaarLab HRI Lab) since 2011, now he is a research associate in Humanoid Robots and working on his thesis at this laboratory. Also, Pourya was a member of Mechatronics Research Laboratory (MRL) Humanoid team and participated in 2014 and 2015 Iran Open and Robocup competitions. Moreover, Pourya has been a mentor for Robocup Junior Learners in several international competitions such as Robocup 2013, Eindhoven, Netherlands and Robocup 2014, Joao Pessoa, Brazil. His teaching experience is not limited to Robocup competition. He has been teacher assistant and lecturer in several academies, institutes and high schools such as SAMPAD (NODET) high schools, Manzoumeh Kherad Institute and Hamedan University of Technology.

Pourya is going to be a full-stack robotics engineer. He is well-experienced in an interdisciplinary field which is involved mechanics, electronics and computer science, so he can coordinate a team and manage the process of a robotic technology expertly.

His research interests, activities and skills mainly involve:

*Mobile Robots: Biped or Wheeled Robots - Motion, Navigation and Behavior Design
*Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling of the Mechanisms
*Control Theory: Classic, Modern, Fuzzy and Non-Linear
*Electronics: Working with AVR Micro Controllers, Arduino and Linux Based Single Board Computers

Pourya has married in 2015. He Plays Basketball and enjoys listening to Ostad Shajarian, Iranian traditional music singer.

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