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Zeinab farrokhi is a master's student at Tehran University. she is interested in the fields of Nervation, Artificial intelligenc, Coding, Image Processing, Human Robot Interaction (HRI). As a member of Taarlab, she is working on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) of NAO H25 robot. Thus, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and Humanoid robots are her primary research topic interests. she has finished her BSc as an Electrical Engineer at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Shahid rajaee University in 2014. Her bachelor thesis was Designing and constructing speed control of dc motor by programmable logic control and monitoring by HMI. she has published two papers in 4th Iranian Conference on Electrical and electronics engineering Engineering (ICEEE) & 15th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ISCEE ) in 2013. Also she construct Robot  of line follower in Society of Robotics at University. she was an Active committee member of Society of Robotics at University. In her spare times she likes art especially painting and poem. She is also interested in playing chess.

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