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Milad Eyvazi Hesar Milad Eyvazi Hesar was born on June 20, 1990, in Tehran, Iran. He studied in Electrical Engineering (Control concentration) as a senior undergraduate student from Tehran Polytechnic university of technology (Amir Kabir University), Tehran, Iran. His Bachelor thesis was entitled "Real time object tracking by a 2-DOF parallel spherical robot with designed graphical interface ". Currently (since January 2013), he is working under the supervision of Dr. Tale Masouleh in TaarLab. His research interests include kinematics and control of parallel and mobile robots and industrial robots. He has been coauthor of two conference papers, concerning optimization methods, such as Genetic Algorithm , Neural Network, etc. Milad has some experience on FPGAs and Image Processing on Multi-Agent Robots .He is also interested in music and has some experience in playing guitar.  
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