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Azadeh is a graduated MSc student in Mechatronics Engineering from University of Tehran. She was working on design, manufacturing, modeling and control of a rotary manipulator actuated by shape memory alloy wires in her master thesis. As a member of Taarlab, she has designed, constructed and controlled a 3-RRR planar parallel mechanism. She has finished her BSc as an Electrical Engineer (Control filed) at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Shiraz University. Her bachelor thesis was about voltage controlling of a (0-50 volt) Buck-Boost converter. She is a member of IEEE society and she cofounded the Shiraz branch of this society at 2011. Also she was an active committee member of Society of Electrical Engineering at Shiraz University from 2008 till 2012. She is very well in team works. In her spare times, she likes to play piano.

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