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Omid Abolghasemi I was born on November 22, 1993, in Tehran, Iran. I studied mathematics at Alborz high school from 2008 to 2012. After that from 2012 to the present I started Telecommunications Engineering as undergraduate student at I.A.U. South Tehran branch. I worked on 2D Soccer simulation, C++ Programming and QuadRotor's during high school years. From 2012 to the present I working on ATMEL AVR microcontrollers programming based on Atmel Studio, Motion Processing systems for UAV Controllers, design motion interface between human and computer and also I have some experience on MATLAB scripting, Visual Basic programming and Qt programming. Now I started working on using of motion sensors and image processing on parallel Mechanism robots in Taarlab. My research interests: FPGA, VLSI, Digital design, Embedded Systems, modeling & optimization control systems, machine learning. My hobbies and interests include in Playing Football and listening music.
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