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Mohammad Homayunpour Mohammad Homayunpour (Homayun) received his B.Eng in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer in Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran. His project entitled “Influence of Wake of first body on Behind Bodies” theoretically and numerically. Since September 2011 He is currently pursuing the MSc in Mechatronic Engineering from University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran under supervision of Dr. M. Tale Masouleh. His BSc thesis concentrated on “Static and Dynamic Balancing of Parallel Mechanisms”. He is working on static balanced mechanism for variable weights too. His research interests are Robotics, Mechatronics, Haptic Devices, Biomechanical projects like rehabilitation and dental projects and any other feasible projects. His goal is using Haptics to manufacture “Dental Haptic Simulator” in a project supported by Ministry of Health and Medical Education. He is now working in Human- Robot Interaction Lab and enjoy its atmosphere and people. Homayun is interested in economical, industrial and manufacturing projects too and use his communication skill and creativity to propose new project and get fund for them.
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