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Arvin I received my Bcs in pure mathematics at University of Tehran (2008-2012) and I'm currently a Graduate student in pure mathematics at University of Tehran (2013- ) in the subfield of Commutative Algebra. My areas of interest include Algebraic Geometry ,Differential Geometry, Screw Theory and Kinematics of Parallel Manipulators. Here is a list of my projects during my undergraduate and graduate studies: 1) A project concerning the topic Monomial Ideals using the famous reference written by prof. Herzog and Prof. Hibi. 2) I was a member of a team working on one of the papers of prof. Pissano from berkeley university which concerned the Differential Geometrical aspects of springs and errors that may result "not" using differential geometry. 3) During my last term at tehran university I participated in a robotics project which led me to join "Taarlab" research team in future; this project was mainly about the IKP and FKP of planar robots using Grobner Basis technics. 4) A project under the name of : " On the Workspace Analysis of n-PRR and n-RPR Parallel Mechanisms Using Groebner Basis" which was a computational project to determine if Groebner basis is a proper technic to compute the geometry of work space Currently I'm working on "Singularity Analysis of Parallel Manipulators using Grassmann-Caylay Algebra" borrowing some technics from the famous prof. Jon Selig's book "Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics.
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