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 photo 2017 12 27 22 11 30 Saeed Ansari-Rad received the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran, in 2015. His B.Sc. thesis concentrated on analysis and extension of epoch robots. After acquiring outstanding rank among the Electrical Engineering students, he attended School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran in M.Sc and joined Iran's National Elites Foundation. Meanwhile, he pursued his researches at Instrumentations Laboratory of Mechanical engineering school. Recently, he has graduated from University of Tehran. The M.Sc. thesis entitled “Design a Robust Adaptive Operational Control Based on Identification and Following Parameters for Evolving Linear Systems with Limited-variation Parameters” contributed numerous novelties in control and identification backgrounds. He has a broad set of research interests, including adaptive control theories and applications in robotics, system identification, adaptive control, machine learning, data-driven fault detection, and evolving systems. He has been research assistant in Human and Robot Interaction Laboratory (TAAR Lab.) since 2018. Saeed is also working as a member of research teams, which are working on controlling and identification of two parallel mechanisms, so-called “The Agile Eye” and “4-dof Delta”. He is a football fan and enjoys reading poems of Sohrab Sepehri. Moreover, he used to oil painting and playing classical music by his keyboard.
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