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Course Description
The main objective of this course is to lay down the fundamental concepts of Statics for students with Electrical Eng. background which opens a scientific insight into the theory of mechanisms and robotic mechanical systems
It is obviously clear that a successful design of a mechanism requires to pass through  some fundamental aspects, such as kinematics, statics and  dynamics
Time: Saturday 7:30--9:00 and Monday 7:30 --9:00
Instructor: Mehdi Tale Masouleh
Teacher Assistant: MohammadAli Bagherian


1. Meriam and Kraige, Engineering Mechanics: Statics, 5th edition.
 2. Johnston et al, Vector Mechanics for engineers, statics section, 9th editition
  • LATEX2e (Words typeset are not accepted)
  • Matlab
  • Maple
  • A CAD software (Preferably SolidWorks

Course Outline:


Fundamentals of Statics -- 10 weeks
Chapter 2 approx 2 weeks
Quiz I                                            Solution
Chapter 3
approx 2 weeks
Quiz II                                           Solution
Chapter 4 | Part I | - | Part II | approx 2 weeks
Chapter 5 approx 1 week
Quiz III                                           Solution
Chapter 6 approx 1 week
Chapter 7  approx 2 weeks
Final Exam 1392/9/9


Preparing for Final Exam: Thursday 28 Nov. 10--12 am. This session would be useful for Students. 



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 Homework   1392/7/27



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