Human & Robot Interaction Lab. (TaarLab)

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Time: Saturday 11:00--12:30

Room: A10

Instructor: Mehdi Tale Masouleh

Teaching Assistant: Mohammad Hadi Farzaneh

Office Hours: 10:00-11:00 Wednesday


  • LATEX (Words typeset are not accepted)
  • A computer algebra system, such as Matlab and Maple
  • A CAD software (Preferably SolidWorks)

Course Outline:

11 weeks
LATEX approx 2 weeks
Beamer approx 2 weeks
Vectorial figures approx 1 weeks
Graphs approx 2 weeks
3D figures in PDF approx 1 weeks
Submitting  a Journal paper approx 1 weeks
Oral presentation approx 2 weeks



  1. Application form (20%): Students are asked to design a dynamic application form using \LaTeX. This form should contain information which are in standard application form, such as personal information, contact information, education, publication, research interests, a brief purpose of statement, references, hobby. You con consult the application form of TaarLab for more detail. 

  2. Commercial Proposal (40%): The following should be considered:
    • Topic: Each group of three students  should select  a commercial topic and present a proposal. Each group should send via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  their topic by 1392/01/15.  Presentation is possible  upon approval of the topic. The topic of the proposal should respect one of the following criteria:
        • Proposing a new product, built by your company,  for which each group  should convince the rest of the class to buy your product.
        • Proposing an imported product for which each group  should convince the rest of the class to buy this product.
    • Proposal: A template for the proposal is provided here. Note that the  foregoing  template should be regarded as an example in which you should focus on the  contents  of the proposal  which should be explained in more detail. The final proposal should be more complete than this one. 
    • Presentation: 20 minutes presentations and the rest of the class for Q & A. A template for the presentation is available here.  
    • Abstract:  An Abstract should be prepared and distributed to all the groups (We need 4 copies). Example of an Abstracts: (1) and (2

Group 1 (1392/01/31) Group 2 (1392/02/07) Group 3 (1392/02/14)
 Jalal HajiPour Machiani  Armin Barghi  Roya Sabbagh Novin
 Saeed Khoshguyan  Hamid Reza Aliee  Payam Ghassemi
Sina Jahandari Hassan Bayani

Mehdi Tale Masouleh

Acting as نخودی


      3. Proposal (20%): Students should fill the proposal form provided by department.

      4. Master's Presentation (20%): Students should prepare a presentation of their Master's project. A template is provided here for which students should prepare their presentation based on this template.
Another  template is provided here. It should be noted that the content of the foregoing template should not be considered and only the state-of-the-art in how including text and figures should be taken into account in the presentation you are preparing for this course. 



Academic Honesty: As a University of Tehran student, you have agreed to abide by the University's academic honesty policy. A  Lack of knowledge of the academic honesty policy is not a reasonable explanation for a violation. Questions related to course assignments and the academic honesty policy should be directed to the instructor.

  In this regard, we invite you to see the following clip in order to have a better understanding in how we are able to find out whether  your homework is done by yourself or one of your classmate. Kolah Ghermezi TaarLab

Important Dates:Extra Help: Dot not hesitate to come to my office or contact me during office hours or by appointment to discuss a homework problem or any aspect of the course. Moreover, Hamid is at your total disposal for helping you in using LATEX.

ICROM2013 presentations 1391/11/21
Commercial presentation (Group I) 1392/01/31
Commercial presentation (Group II) 1392/02/07
ISME2013 presentations (Two presentations) 1392/02/14
ICEE2013 presentations (Four presentations) 1392/02/21
Commercial presentation (Group III) 1392/02/28
Master's presentation (Start day - each day two students) 1392/03/04
Application form 1392/03/01

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