Human & Robot Interaction Lab. (TaarLab)

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Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

TaarLab is responsible of a national-level projects, 170000 USD, on virtual training haptic device for dentistry university students in Iran. This project consists of innovating a new haptic device specified for dental trainer unit, control it in real-time imaginary graphical situation and manufacturing the platform proportionate for human organic situation. These simulators seek to train pre-clinical skills in dentistry. The goal is to ensure that pre-clinicians’ skills are systematically trained, time-effective and highly accurate. Our dental haptic project will be funded by ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran.


Iran National Science Foundation

Iran National Science Foundation is a legally independent governmental institute, which is administered by a board of trustees. It is located in presidential institute. The assets of this foundation are supplied via governmental aids, bank facilities, and investments of its own surplus assets, receiving financially and non-financially from true or legal persons. President of the foundation has the highest position in INSF, and the board’s approval and under the order of the chairman of the board of trustees he will preside over the foundation for a four year period of time. 

In Iran, the foundation supports those who have been described in accordance with the countries needs and priorities. The source for defining research priorities is the book about research priorities which is published by the national Scientific Research Council.


Intelligent Computer Vision Research Group

iCV is an intelligent Computer Vision research group in University of Tartu established in the fall of 2014 by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gholamreza Anbarjafari. Our research group is focusing on developing computer vision and image processing related applications and conducting research in this field of science. We are located in Technology Institute of Tartu University.




تخصصی شدن و نیاز به داشتن ویژگی های متفاوت و حتی متناقض مسیر کاربرد کامپوزیتها را در صنعت هموارتر کرده و باعث جایگزینی آنها بجای فلزات شده است. اهمیت این مطلب در برخی صنایع مانند رباتیک، هوافضاو مهندسی پزشکی بسیار بیشتر نیز می باشد. بطوریکه کامپوزیتها علاوه بر بهبود کارایی قطعات موجود، امکان ساخت قطعاتی که در گذشته امکان پذیر نبود را نیز فراهم آورده است.

لیوراد با بهره گیری از به روز ترین و متنوع ترین روشهای ساخت به تولید انواع قطعات فیبرکربن و کامپوزیتی مانند انواع شیت پنلهای تحقیقاتی، انواع بازوهای رباتیک و بازوی پرنده ها، پروتز انواع اندامهای مصنوعی بدن، بدنه و کاور دستگاهها و پرنده ها، انواع پروفیل و بسیاری موارد دیگر، می پردازد.  )برای مشاهده ی نمونه کار و کسب اطلاعات بیشتر را دنبال کنید. )


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